I am blown away by Susan’s passion, advocacy, and knowledge on this all important topic [swallowing and feeding] for patients and their families. This is the best in-service I have ever attended.
— Carroll A. Roddy, MSW, LGSW

Susan has been the “perfect fit” for my mother who, at age 94, is struggling to overcome aphasia following a stroke.  Susan has literally been a breath of fresh air...professional, personable, intuitive and inspiring.  My family is so encouraged by her work, but more importantly, my mother has renewed hope!!
— Mary Miller

Susan has the ability to bring out the true potential of her clients. She recognizes the uniqueness of each individual, and her lively, flexible approach works beautifully with groups, as well as one on one.
— Juel Janis, Ph.D

Susan is the best — an amazing combination of technical expertise, medical expertise and a beautiful dose of theater.  I can plant my feet, say what I need to say and know that my message has been delivered.  I can do it because Susan taught me how.
— Sean Low, President, The Business of Being Creative, LLC

A professional, vibrant in her delivery of service, reflected in the enthusiasm and participation of her clients. Her approach and techniques captivate me. I find myself enjoying, listening attentively, and wanting to participate just as the clients she engages.
— Dorothy Thompson, LPN